4 Best Offset Smoker Under 1000 for Best BBQ Experience

As someone can only take part in a fight with weapons, the same goes with barbecue, and you can only make delicious food with the best offset smoker. Most of us need help finding the best offset smoker under 1000 dollars. Many of our friends write to us to share our thoughts on this topic. 

Replying to every individual demands too much time, so we have decided to use the digital medium to help the masses rather than the few. This guide will share the 4 best offset smokers under $1000. Then we will leave the rest to you, whichever you choose. 

But don’t worry, how could we leave you out in the middle? Yes, you heard it right, we will share our recommendation at the end about the one we recommend. 

Best offset smoker under 1000

Just imagine the taste of a juicy rib cut cooked in an offset smoker. The smoky taste of it takes the level of meat up to the skies. But hold on — are you still ordering it in restaurants but not able to cook it at home? Looking for guidance on which offset is the best solution to your problem? 

If your answer is YES, you are one step away from getting out of this confusion. We have built this guide for food lover people like you who love to explore new things and cook food themselves. So, the wait is over now, we are going to share the 4 best offset smokers, and luckily they are $1000. Happy now? Let’s get started.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker – Best for all

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Smoker

To experience the real smoky flavor of the food, Oklahoma Joe’s highland reverse flow smoker might be your top priority. The reason is that it is a multifunction smoker. It acts as a traditional and offset smoker too. If we talk about the design, it is impressive and a showstopper at any party. 

The area for cooking in this smoker is around 900 square inches, so it is perfect for utilizing big gatherings. The latest reverse flow technology forces the smoke to flow back inside the cooking chamber, giving more tenderness to the meat. It is made using premium-quality steel. As expected, it offers more durability and resists any damages caused due to high temperatures or weather. 

What we like is the cool-touch handle of it, which is attached to the smoker, so you can open it anytime without hurting your hands. It has a built-in temperature gauge to tell you the exact temperature inside the smoker. So there is no need for an extra thermometer. 

Key Features:

  • 619 Square inches of area for the main chamber, which is comparatively a huge one.
  • A decent area of 281 square inches for the firebox chamber so you can easily manage extra logs over there.
  • Series of 4 removable baffles to direct heat away from the side of the smoker chamber and allows you to cook on low and slow flame for a delicious touch.
  • An option smokestack location that pulls the heat and smoke through the cooking chamber and across all the cooking grates before exhausting it out of the pit.
  • Multiple dampers for controlling heat and smoke.


  • Made with high-quality steel for extra durability
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Work awesome when cooking big chunks of meat
  • Side swing door for fuel addition.
  • As it is a reverse flow design, there is no need to turn or rotate the meat.
  • The built-in temperature gauge is something really good
  • Easy ash cleaning with a larger firebox door


  • Weight is on a heavier side
  • The paint peels off when running it too hot.

Dyna-Glo Best Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker – Budget friendly

Dyna-Glo Best Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

One of the high-selling products of the year is Dyna-Glo, made with a heavy-duty steel frame and providing a huge cooking space. No wonder you hear positive reviews for this product from too many people. It is ideal if you have limited space but still want to host many people.

Controlling temperature is easy and burns more efficiently because you can keep the briquettes tightly in control. The quality of the build is not like the metal offered by Oklahoma joe’s, but it is a good make in this price segment. 

Six removable shelves can hold meat around 150 pounds at a time, which is quite good. So it offers a mixture of features, but they will surely hit the right button with time.

Key Features

  • The vertical design extends itself to naturally rising heat, which indirectly increases efficiency and improves the flavor of smoke. 
  • Almost six highly adjustable cooking shelves can accommodate any food up to 150 pounds. 
  • The total area of cooking space is around 1176 squares, which is more than enough for family gatherings.
  • There are 784 inches of the smoking area. 
  • An extra charcoal chamber for ash and charcoal management, and this chamber is removable. It can hold a large amount of ash for several hours, so you don’t need to empty it after some time.
  • A steel thermometer has a smoke zone that shows the ideal temperature and gives a smoke flavor. 


  • Massive cooking capacity 
  • 6 removable cooking grates 
  • Good value for money
  • Built-in temperature gauge to set  the ideal temperatures
  • Easy control of temperature with dampers
  • Easy to clean due with grease management system


  • Chrome-plated cooking grates.

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Smoker – Best overall

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Smoker Best Offset Smoker Under 1000

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn is a wide-body Offset smoker with around 1060 square inches of cooking space. Most people use it for outdoor family gatherings and grand parties. It offers both smoke and grill flavor altogether. The body of this smoker is made up of high-quality steel. 

Luckily, the cooking grates here are coated with porcelain to make them stronger in the long run. This coating acts as a shield and prevents it from breaking if it loads a significant amount of weight. We are impressed by the temperature reading from its grid thermometer, which is the same during the cooking process. 

The best part of this smoker is that you can smoke and grill simultaneously or separately, as you want. The next thing is the side door on the firebox, which helps to control the amount of heat in the chamber.

Key Features

  • With an optional smoke stack, locations you will be able to choose between reverse-flow or traditional offset smoking.
  • Charcoal fuel lets you grill with higher heat or cook at low and slow heat.
  • The primary cooking area is 751 square inches, while 309 square inches is the secondary cooking space.


  • A very deep firebox to add fuel at once
  • Cooking time is around 16 hours. 
  • Accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Heavy gauge steel makes it durable.
  • Made of thick steel
  • A couple of large wheels make it easy to move around.


  • Because of its larger area, you need a dedicated space for it.

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal – Best Combo

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe's Charcoal

Seeing Oklahoma again may look weird, but we can not deny that they produce some good and high-quality smokers. It combines their traditional highland offset smoker and a triple burner gas grill. Gives you multiple options like adding a wood grill in the firebox, a charcoal grill in the smoking chamber, or you can grill over gas.

As mentioned earlier, more than 1050 square inches of cooking space is spread across the different fuel types. It is durable and strong enough to absorb heat. Here you still have built-in, professional-level temperature gauges for accurate temperature monitoring. 

Adjusting heat and smoke is just by using dampers. This damper is attached to the firebox door and has a handle, so it is easy to operate. A side swing door is attached to the firebox for maximum convenience. All chambers have cool touch handles, and the gas grill has an auto-ignition feature.

Key Features:

  • The primary cooking area is around 750 square inches and has 6 porcelain-coated cast iron grates.
  • Three hundred ten square inches of area for the firebox chamber, good for extra logs.
  • 3 burners of 12000 BTU each in a gas grilling chamber to quickly cook the meat
  • The best part is the 12000 BTU dedicated side burner accommodates the charcoal chimney starter.


  • All-in-one gas grill, charcoal grill, and smoker that gives a lot of cooking options
  • Large cooking chamber
  • Heavy gauge steel to shield immense heating conditions.
  • Rust-resistant porcelain-coated grates are easy to clean
  • Temperature gauges give an accurate reading.
  • A combined cart design illustrates that this unit is all you need for your backyard parties.
  • Powerful propane burners 


  • Hard to exclusively smoke or grill as much as you think.

Which one is the best offset smoker under 1000?

If you read the whole article, now you have a clear answer to this question in your mind. Every product has its pros and cons, and we have highlighted them. Before buying any of them, keep your requirements in mind like budget, size, capacity, etc., 

But we should go one step ahead this time and share the offset smoker, which we recommend to give you an idea about a good smoker.

  • We personally recommend Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn because of its amazing features like accurate temperature, and it is easy to control with a solid build. 

We have shared what we find the best, but there is still no hard and fast rule here, buy the one you like. Share your experience with us, and we love to read about your experiences.

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