4 Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers with the Finest Technology

For s chef, the most critical aspect of the cooking process is being able to get an even cook throughout. Standard offset smokers lack this precision which has given reverse flow offset smokers the best reputation. 

Undoubtedly, reverse flow smokers are considered exceptionally superior alternatives to the traditionally built offset smoker. The best reverse flow offset smoker has the ability to provide an even distribution of temperature, creating a delicious, juicy piece of meat at the end. The flow of smoke in this machine is a great asset for making some incredible smoked meat for your family and friends.

Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the prime reverse flow offset smokers available in the market. Each one has been designed keeping finesse and taste in mind. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and help you pick out a winner. 

Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers | For 2023

The ultimate solution to your BBQ dilemmas, reverse flow offset smokers are a pitmaster’s ideal partner. 

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker – Most Versatile

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Working with a smoker that has been designed to perform at the pinnacle level, is another experience altogether. With its multifaceted construction, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland definitely is one of the best reverse flow offset smokers out there. 

Professional smokers yearn for a machine that has the ability to predict how to create a balance between heat and smoke. The Oklahoma Joe Highland can switch between reverse flow smoking and traditional offset smoking giving you the exquisite experience of each cooking process.  

Main Features:

  • The smoker has been constructed with heavy gauge all steel to give it sturdiness
  • Stainless steel inner and outer material gives it an even finish and strong body 
  • Fuel type is charcoal therefore the Highland produces less smoke pollution
  • Has a 900 total square inch cooking surface 
  • Employs a series of 4 baffles that move the heat and smoke evenly through the chamber
  • Porcelain-coated cooking grates mean cleaning up is easy 
  • Fitted with multiple dampers
  • Has optional smokestack locations so the smoker can be used as a traditional and reverse-flow offset smoker
  • Equipped with a fuel basket and clean outdoor


  • Allows you to cook large meat portions
  • Controlling the smoke and heat is convenient 
  • Even smoke distribution produces a delicious outcome
  • Setup is customizable 
  • Taking out the ash is simple 


  • Seams require heat sealant 

So, we support purchasing the Oklahoma Joe Highland as this reverse-flow offset smoker is suited to provide personal comfort and performance while being an extremely reliable machine. 

Backwoods Chubby Portable Water Smoker  – Most Value for Money

Backwoods Chubby Portable Water Smoker - Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers

In the long line of expensive offset smokers, we are all searching for a high-performing model that will not burn a hole in our pockets. The Backwoods Chubby Portable Water Smoker is one of the most economical models in its lineup. 

Crafted to provide low and slow executive  quality to pitmasters, the Chubby will alter the entire outdoor cooking experience in your backyard.

Main Features:

  • Power source of the smoker is charcoal which is easily accessible
  • Made with stainless steel so the Backwoods Chubby is resistant to corrosion
  • Double wall design proves it functions as a reverse flow offset smoker
  • The exterior box has been powder coated to protect it for a long time
  • Comes with an extra slider that allows rack height adjustment
  • Equipped with a stainless steel water pan that is removable 


  • Requires no assembly 
  • An Economical Model
  • Has a wide cooking range between 180 – 300 degrees
  • Can cook for long hours from 6 – 10 hours


  • Some parts cannot handle high temperatures for long timespans

If you have the “smoking bug” and do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with high-tech machines, the Backwoods Chubby Portable Water Smoker is your choice

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker – Most Convenient

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Even though getting an offset smoker is on everyone’s wishlist, the idea of placing a huge smoking tool in our house is daunting. Oklahoma Joe has covered all our worries with the Longhorn.

Built in an ideal size, this smoker is efficient and uncomplicated. It is one of the best reverse flow offset smokers due to its sturdy construction and enhanced heat control features. 

Main Features:

  • Fitted with smoke stacks that can be adjusted location-wise
  • Equipped with a professional temperature gauge that helps in checking accurate levels
  • Quite durable owing to the heavy gauge steel construction
  • Extensive primary and secondary cooking area
  • Charcoal fuel provides the option to grill with high heat or low and slow


  • Simple assembly process
  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Has the ability to retain heat well due to the thick baffles
  • Can be modified easily 


  • The lid requires a gasket to seal it 

The two characteristics that summarize purchasing the Oklahoma Joey Longhorn are its perfect size and affordability. We suggest buying this reverse flow offset smoker as it is the ideal tool for kicking your feet up and cooking a scrumptious meal in your backyard. 

Titan Great Outdoors Reverse Flow Vertical Smoker – Most Spacious

Titan Great Outdoors Reverse Flow Vertical Smoker

Every meat-lover knows how complicated the art of producing a perfectly moist and tender piece of meat that is packed with flavor. With the Titan Great Outdoors Reverse Flow Vertical Smoker, you can get all that by moving a few knobs. The reverse flow smoking system in the Titan is an unmatched technology.

Main Features:

  • Consists of a removable water pan to gather the grease
  • Fitted with a heat deflector which captures and redirects the warmth to where you require it the most
  • The grilling racks are removable so you can cook according to your needs
  • The vertical style chamber provides a space of 4665 cubic inches for cooking
  • Made with heavy-duty constructions teel the Titan is a dependable smoker 
  • Has an upper chamber with stainless steel cooking racks


  • Plenty of cooking area 
  • Completely insulated so it retains heat
  • Easy to transport with locking casters on wheels


  • The finish on the outside is susceptible to damage

Overall we recommend the Titan Reverse Flow Smoker if you wish to impress your friends and family with the ultimate showpiece. Not only is it ideal for any kind of outdoor event, but the Titan can also cook meat to absolute perfection. 

The Bottom Line:

Summarizing all of our discussion from above, in the race for the best reverse flow offset smoker, we recommend the following smoker as the ultimate champion:

  • Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Owing to its unique design and spacious cooking space, it will fit perfectly in your backyard or perform exceptionally in any competition. 

Of course, there may be some surrogate options in your mind, which we guarantee any one of the smokers mentioned might fulfill. Feel free to do your own research, just remember, convenience, quality material, and value for money contribute to making the ideal reverse flow offset smoker. 


What’s the difference between an offset smoker and a reverse flow smoker?

The firebox opens directly into the cooking chamber for an offset smoker. Smoke enters and gathers and is then drawn out of the vents fitted on the other side of the smoker. While a reverse offset smoker contains a firebox that opens under a baffle plate that is placed along the button of the cooking chamber.

Is reverse flow better than offset?

The reverse flow offset smoker system gives more consistent cooking temperatures as the distribution of heat is dispersed better. In a traditional offset smoker, the temperatures are higher on the cooking racks that are nearest to the firebox. 

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