Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

Pit Boss Vertical Smoker | Benefits, Uses, and Reviews

Smoking and BBQ is an incredible idea, but it becomes hair-splitting sometimes. Before planning a gathering, it is best to check all utensils first. Especially smokers. If your smoker is too old to cook or you don’t have a smoker at all. We recommend buying one of the best brands, Pit Boss Vertical Smoker. Here is a piece of detailed information on the benefits and uses.  

Outdoor cooking is one of the most popular activities. The shining sun, singing birds, and gentle winds make the event more pleasurable. Yet, the smell of barbeque adds a yum. Besides the fun, cooking in nature has some challenges too. Such as the lack of proper cooking tools. Pit Boss Vertical Smokers are the best outdoor game changer to avoid such happenings. 

Moreover, the Pit Boss vertical smoker offers maximum space with a minimal footprint. These features make it a beneficial smoker. With ample standup space, it holds a severe amount of food easily. Yet the upstanding structure is helpful for barbeque lovers owning limited space. A complete package to enjoy outdoor cooking while bonding with nature. 

Having a barbecue party at a friend’s home is fun. Whenever he invites you,  you never deny it. But have you ever noticed? That before he serves the food on your plate. You already have a tasting experience. This is due to the aromas of the smoke. Call it a universal fact, a basic fact, or whatever! We can say smoked meals are everyone’s favorite meal.

The soft, chewy texture of smoked meat hardly needs cutting. While the smoky scent is what the world loves. By selecting the right smoker, you can enjoy smoked foods at home. This investment also saves you from hefty restaurant bills. Various and Best Offset Smoker perform well. One of them is Pit Boss Vertical smoker. 

Next, we will tell you how to smoke a brisket in Masterbuilt Smoker. Let’s have a deep look at the structure and working process of this smoker. 

How Does a Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Work?

Pit Boss Vertical Smokers are smokers that stand upright. The appearance of this smoker is like a rectangular cabinet. The firebox is present at the bottom of the vertical smoker. It works, so that heat and smoke travel upward through the cooking chamber. As the fire burns, the heat and smoke infuse the meat with flavor. 

Structure of Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

The vertical smoker of Pit Boss consists of three main sections.

  • The firebox
  • The cooking chamber
  • The water pan

The firebox is underneath the standup smoker. That provides heat to the entire smoker. Experts design a water pan above the firebox. The heat and smoke first go through the water pan. A water pan exists to keep the meat moist and flavorful. The cooking chamber is at the top of the vertical smoker. As the fire burns, the heat and smoke travel through the chamber and infuses the flavor of the meat.

Benefits of Pit Boss Vertical Smoker 

Smoking, BBQ, and baking is an exciting experiences. But it can also become challenging if you don’t have the proper equipment. Pit Boss Vertical smokers are a wise choice for such memorable days. This cabinet box-like model offers so many benefits. Due to its beneficial properties, one can enjoy the whole smoking process at home.


Most vertical Pit Boss smokers feature sturdy construction. This thick material guarantees the most durability. Such vertical smokers last long and keep the heat for a longer time. Moreover, the durable quality makes smokers more affordable. Hence, it reduces the expenses of repair, replacement, and breakages.

Space Saving 

The vertical Pit Boss smoker’s standing upright structure is another benefit. Suppose you love the smoky flavor but have limited space in the backyard. Then vertical smokers of Pit Boss are a great choice. Besides, if you own a small balcony or kitchen with less room. These compact vertical smokers will serve well for your barbecuing activities.

Affordable Price

Amateur and experts, both smokers, agree that smoking meat requires patience. To cook perfect smoked meat, we need to learn a few techniques. In the beginning, many users wish to invest less in smokers. Some Pit Boss vertical smokers often have a cheaper price tag. This feature makes them a good entry point for a beginner smoker.

Low Consumption

Smokers use different fuel sources for cooking food. Depending on the model, these sources can be electricity, gas, charcoal, or wood. The benefit is that Pit Boss consumes less fuel than other shaped smokers in the market. Thus, it saves you money in the long run.


The combination of beach and smoked food is mind-blowing. But for this purpose, you will need a smoker to take to the beach. These Pit Boss standup smokers are portable. The wheels and handle allow ease in traveling situations. You don’t need to plug them so that you can set them up anywhere.

No Monitoring 

In a few minutes, we can fry it, while smoking lasts for hours! Both cooking styles have their own merits. The smoked meat cooked for hours has something special in it. But to achieve this flavor, you need to be attentive. When cooking in a Pit Boss vertical smoker, you don’t need to check it now and then. It offers a ‘set it and forget it’ll design for convenience.

Stylish Look 

Another exciting benefit of the Pit Boss upright smoker is its unique look. This vertical smoker not only makes the smoking process convenient. It also enhances the look of your patio. A compact vertical smoker with a glass viewing window is easy to arrange in any part of your house. 

Easy to Use

Many smoked food lovers are willing to cook smoked meat at home. But hesitate due to the complex operating system of smokers. Pit Boss smokers are user-friendly. For this reason, they are often recommended for people who are an utter beginner.

Easy to Assemble

Enhance and amplify your backyard barbecue fun with a Pit Boss cabinet smoker! The assembly of this compact smoker is more manageable than the giant structure ones. For Better understanding written instructional charts are available. You may need the help of someone to handle the heavy parts.

Uses of Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

Vertical smokers are a very versatile product. You can explore three different cooking methods for one smoker. These are

  1. Barbecuing
  2. Baking
  3. Smoking

Each method will provide your dish with a different flavor and outcome.


Pit Boss upright smoker makes your outdoor cooking process great. Indirect heating is necessary for simmering the meat from low to medium temperatures. This method is best for those who hesitate to cook smoked food at the beginning. Wood and charcoal are standard-used fuels. That provides a better flavor and melt-in-mouth texture. 

Here are some tips on how to barbecue delicious meat:

  • For extra flavor and tenderness, remember to marinate the meat.
  • Use a specific amount of charcoal to maintain the temperature flow.


Baking in a vertical smoker? Sounds strange? But, it is possible! Pit Boss smokers are versatile and can perform a lot. Yet, complex baking might not work here. But Pit Boss vertical can bake pizzas, basic cakes, and desserts. Even bread is also baked in the vertical smoker. There are some differences when you are smoking meat versus baking something.

In the beginning, it will take a little time to understand the whole process. Pay close attention for the first few times. A smoker is a powerful tool. All you need is to know the proper use of tools. Ready to give your smoker a chance in your dessert world?

5 Simple Baking Tips for Smoker

Now, are you worried about your pies tasting like smoke? Don’t worry! Foodies love Pit Boss pizza ovens and smoked mac and cheese Pit Boss too much. So, if you follow the tips below, you can use your smoker, such as the kitchen oven.

  • Select a lightwood according to your dish.
  • Set the same temperature as you do in your kitchen oven
  • Don’t forget to preheat it before baking for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Consider placing bread and pies on the topmost shelf. In this way, they get enough space to rise.
  • Baking doesn’t take as much time as the meat.
  • Check the dish & be careful.
  • Increase or decrease the temperature as needed.


Smoking is a true art. Using the Pit Boss standup smoker, you can understand the natural science behind this art. Smoking also involves the indirect heat cooking method like barbecuing. But this process takes the longest time. It could be from a few hours even up to a day. Wood chunks are essential when smoking the meat in the Pit Boss cabinet smoker. In comprehension, the aromatic smoke of burning wood provides the tastiest results.

5 Simple Tips to Smoke Delicious Meat

  • Select different aromatic wood chunks.
  • Add water to keep it moist and check in a couple of hours.
  • Seldom open the door of a smoker to check.
  • Add only a tiny amount if you want to add charcoal with wood.
  • Adjust the pans according to the selected dish.

Pit Boss Vertical Smoker Reviews

Like to spend time cooking outdoors? But still, we have not invested in this product. We have selected some best Pit Boss vertical smokers for you. This collection will save you the time of searching for the best products. Imagine the delicious flavor of meat cooked on these Pit Boss Vertical Smokers. On slow flame, cooked meat will endorse the authenticity of the delicious flavor. 

1- Pit Boss Vertical Gas Smoker

This stylish Pit Boss upright smoker has gained high ratings from buyers. The body of the vertical smoker is well-built with heavy-duty construction. If we talk about the inner space, it has 3 cooking racks. Trays can be replaced or removed to fit. A viewing window is also present so you can check the smoking meal.

Moreover, this vertical pit boss smoker offers a dual valve burner system. A single control knob controls both valves. Users can reach temperatures as low as 100°F and as high as 350°F. 

Apart from this functional ability, the Pit Boss cabinet smoker has two wheels on the legs and a handle at the back. Thus, it provides smooth mobility for storage and transport. Due to its significant size, it is a perfect family smoker. Due to careful maintenance, the item of Pit Boss lasts for years. Assembling the standup smoker is not a hardship if one follows the instructions. 

The only problem that users face belongs to the water pan. Although it is enough but can be more significant to cut the refilling

2- Pit Boss Analog Smoker

If you want to smoke delicious food but don’t want to use gas or charcoal. Then, this Pit Boss upright smoker precisely knows what you need. Furthermore, the Pit Boss analog smoker is very convenient to use. For this reason, it is best for beginners who want to smoke meat without the fuss of a charcoal smoker.

The burner is at the bottom of the cabinet for heating purposes. Besides this, a large wood chip drawer is also available, which you can slide out from the bottom. Due to the ashtray, the cleaning process is easy. Due to this reason, the Pit Boss electric smoker works excellently on the patio as well.

Meanwhile, the Temperature controlling system is easy. Only turn on or off the dial. This vertical Pit Boss smoker also provides you with peace of mind. Turn the dial on and forget it until the meat tenders. Due to the viewing window, you can see the food and watch the smoke rolling inside. In short, it is an intelligent, compact, designed smoker with affordability.

Users need to be careful while operating it because Whenever they open the door, there is a lot of heat. After that, it takes a long time to reheat.

3- Pit Boss Wood Pellet Smoker

No more changing dinner plans because of rain! This wood pellet vertical smoker solves such types of problems! You can barbecue, braise, roast, and smoke with Pit Boss 5 series. The highlight of this Pit Boss vertical pellet smoker is its cooking area. It offers an ample cooking space of a1,721 sq inches with 5 racks. In easy words, this is enough to hold almost 15 racks of ribs or about 5 briskets.

Besides, Pit Boss upright smoker provides the convenience of pellet smoking. Along with the ease and capacity of the vertical smoker. Furthermore, this model comes with a digital temperature controller. This controller also helps in maintaining airflow with high temperatures. The temp range is from 150°F to 420°F.

Users need to be careful while operating it because Whenever they open the door, there is a lot of heat. After that, it takes a long time to reheat. During the process, you need two people to hold it together. Shortly, we can also call it a great economy class smoker. You can replace all your outdoors with this one BBQ smoker.

4- Pit Boss Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker

This pit boss electric smoker of series 3 is a versatile unit. Thus, It offers many valuable features. One of them is dual thermometers so that you can cook two different cuts of meat at once without worry. It means you can enjoy chicken for lunch and meat for dinner in the same session.

Moreover, the rack, hangers, water dish, and wood chip tray are all porcelain coated. This tray makes the cleaning process more manageable. The chip tray and water tray are large enough if we discuss the accessories. So, no need for a quick refill. The best part of this vertical Pit Boss smoker is that you don’t need to open the door to reload the pellets.

Due to its wheel-based structure, this standup electrical smoker is super easy to move. These legs also keep everything at an excellent working height. One more feature is its window. It makes the whole process fascinating. This window allows you to watch the entire method without opening the door.

Moreover, the double-walled insulation maintains the temperature from 100°F to 400°F.

In short, the Pit Boss electric vertical smoker is way better than a charcoal smoker. And also useful for many things.

5- Pit Boss Grill 5.5 Pellet Smoker

Pit Boss’ vertical range offers a variety of smokers. One of them is the copperhead vertical pellet smoker.

Most space and minimal footprint with the fuel of standard wood pellets. That offers a new barbecue experience.

Pit Boss manufactures three versions of the copperhead. These are Pit Boss series 3, Pit Boss series 5, and Pit Boss series 7. Although altogether, these names feel confusing. But the main difference between the 3 series is size and price. So, Pit Boss offers a good choice of sizes, almost all with the same features.

Here, we have selected a vertical pellet smoker of the Pit Boss 5 series for review. The stylish copper finish makes this cabinet smoker perfect for any patio. At the same time, the Led reader manages the temperature up to 450 °F for almost 24 hours.

Moreover, Pit Boss 5 series wood pellet vertical smoker contains 5 racks. All are coated with porcelain to prevent sticking. Adjust these racks at any height. The front window eliminates the need to open the door again and again. It means no more worries about losing precious heat.

If you are looking for a smoker that can hold a lot of food. Then the vertical setup of the Pit Boss 5 pellet smoker series is an excellent choice for you.

How to use Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

Suppose a stylish and shiny vertical Pit Boss smoker is sparkling in your backyard. But you are not so confident to operate it. No worries, here is the solution! We will guide you on how to use your Pit Boss cabinet smoker. So that you can enjoy smoking without any issues. Remember some steps may vary according to the model of your standup smoker. But the primary guidelines remain the same for all units of vertical smokers.

Let’s start!


Who can deny the importance of cleaning in cooking? It is an essential step to keep food safe from bacteria. Moreover, it also prevents any nasty smell. That is why cleaning a Pit Boss vertical smoker is necessary. Any residue left from the previous cooking can affect your present experience. Pay serious attention while cleaning the racks and corners of the Pit Boss smoker.


The second step is to fire the smoker as charcoal quickly lit up. And maintain the heat consistency. So, it’s better to start from it. When the charcoal turns gray, this means it is ready for cooking. Now you can add wood chips on top of coals for that distinct unique flavor. Choose the wood flavors according to your dish. Smoking in a vertical Pit Boss smoker is not only cooking. It is also fun because it allows you to experiment and discover the best.


The next step is to add water to the water pan. The liquid in the pan prevents the meat from drying and becoming too rigid. Fill the pan with other liquids such as cider or beer. Pros even add species to the pan for having the delicious flavor. Instead, one should fill almost ¾ of the bowl to avoid spilling. Once done, place the tray inside the Pit Boss cabinet smoker and move towards the next step.


With the help of heat-proof gloves, place the meat on the grills of the chamber. Make sure that the meat should not touch the sides of the smokers. Also, remember to leave space between each piece of meat. Place the meat on the upper tray because that requires low heat. At the same time, place the food on a lower grill that needs high heat. Now close the door to avoid heat leakage from the Pit Boss Smoker Vertical. 


The following primary step is to leave the food to cook. And check the temperature with care and patience. If you feel the temperature is decreasing, it’s time to add some more wood fuel. The duration depends upon the food you are cooking. Over time, we can learn the science of smoking perfect meat. 

FAQs Related to Pit Boss Vertical Smoker

We have included the FAQs section for the convenience of readers. This section will help you find answers about Pit Boss vertical smokers. 

1- Can we grill on the Pit Boss vertical smoker?

Grilling means cooking food on high heat. The design of the vertical smoker favors low and slow cooking. For this reason, Pit Boss offers a broader range of smokers best for their grilling results. Here is the list of some:

  1. Pit Boss grill
  2. Pit Boss smoker grill combo
  3. Pit Boss tabletop grill
  4. Pit Boss portable pellet grill
  5. Pit Boss griddle
  6. Pit Boss is the ultimate grill
  7. Kc combo grill 

2- What are some famous Pit Boss smoker recipes?

Pit Boss vertical smoker endorses the unique smokehouse flavor if used well. You can select red meat, white meat, or seafood. Everything is going to be delicious due to the smoky flavor.

Some famous recipes for red meat are: 

  1. Pit Boss pulled pork 
  2. Pork butt
  3. Pit Boss brisket
  4. Pork shoulder 
  5. Smoked hot dogs
  6. Smoked skirt steak

We considered white meat turkey ribs the most demanding dish. While on the seafood side, recipes for smoked crab legs and smoked catfish are amazing.

3- What is the difference between vertical and horizontal smokers?

The most apparent difference is appearance. Horizontal smokers are flat-shaped. But, vertical smokers are straight-shaped. One more significant difference is the heat source. In horizontal smokers, heat comes from the side. Whilst, in the bottom, a fire source is present.


If you plan the weekend catchup, then Pit Boss vertical smoker is one of the go-to names. Select the meat and start preparations to impress your guest. The combination of tendered meat and smoky flavor is fantastic. And guests will remember it for days. 

Happy Smoking!

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