Where to Put Water Pan in Offset Smoker | Benefits and Tips

The majority of people use offset smoker for cooking their foods. Which come in various shapes and sizes, including horizontal, vertical, and offset smokers. The person who likes smoking uses an offset smoker for their food. Majority of people confuse the use of a water pan. They face the problem of where to put water pan in offset smoker. 

There’s no harm in putting a water pan in your offset smoker. It’s a small point, but it will also help you get perfect cooking scores. A water pan is put on the cooking grate between the food chamber and the firebox. A cooking grill is an ideal place for a smoker’s water pan.

So if you want useful information and get to know about where to put water pan in offset smoker, keep reading and enjoy more!So here we discuss all those factors, their benefits, and where to use them and where not. 

Where to Put Water Pan in Offset Smoker

Water Pan in Offset Smoker

Water Pan keeps the meat moist and juicy by preventing it from drying out during cooking. It increases the taste of your food and makes a smoke ring on brisk.

Many people use other liquids like juice, beer, etc., which have a pleasant odor but no flavor. Whereas adding water gives you a fantastic taste. You must like offset smokers.

People not only use it for meat but also smoke eggs, pizza, chicken, etc. peoples use offset smoker as an oven.

Where to Put  Water Pan in Offset Smoker

Place the water pan above the flame and below the food on the chamber grate. When the water pan is between the smoke and flame, it intercepts the airflow of smoke and heat. So the smoker’s temperature and smoke distribution. 

The cooking chamber or grate is fixed between the meat and the firebox. This is the best location for the water pan in the offset chamber grate. So now you understand why a water pan does not have the same section for warmth and food. 

But an advanced or new smoker design may mention a specific place for the water pan. You must follow the instructions for where to place the water pan in the offset smoker.

Working of  water pan in  offset smoker

A water pan is put in an offset smoker because it distributes the heat and smokes it. When the water temperature reaches 100 °C, it evaporates, maintaining the heat level, and the cooking process proceeds. 

It’s a lengthy procedure. Food slowly cooks at a low temperature when you use a water pan in an offset smoker.

Depending on which area you live in—the U.S. or Canada—you might have a different boiling point. You have set the water’s temperature to reach the boiling point.

So if you live in a cold area and use a water pan in an offset smoker, it can’t take on more energy from the firebox for cooking.

An offset smoker has a small fir box that connects to its chamber to filter the smoke and heat. So some new offset smokers have two parts. One part filters heat through the smoker, while the other distributes smoke. So this is ideal for long-time barbecues.

Due to the lack of concerns over overcooking or undercooking, most people like offset smokers. The sides of the pieces can keep from changing while cooking. Moreover, water pans provide a lot of radiant energy on their own. It prevents your food from experiencing temperature spikes and getting too much radiant heat and burning. Adding a water pan it’s creating steam, and your brisket is going to be moisture.

Effect of water pan on the meat

Offset smokers are most used for barbecues. It controls the temperature of the smoker during cooking. Your brisk is safe to dry out during the whole cooking process when you use a water pan in the smoker. 

Meat will become moist and tasty. So an offset smoker is ideal for slow cooking at a low temperature for good flavor. It improves the flavor of meat and creates smoke rings on it. 

Benefits of water pan in offset smoker

The water pan acts as a heat deflector. It is put between the firebox and the main cooking chamber, deflecting all radiant heat from the firebox. 

It prevents the food from burning and drying out. That is the first reason that people say to use a water pan.

Water pan also acts as a heat sink. A heat sink is a fancy way of saying it holds a lot of energy. Water requires a specific temperature to reach the boiling point. 

Water can only get to its boiling point and then convert into steam. Steaming will help prevent temperature spikes and allow the cooking chamber to recover heat after opening and closing the lid. 

The other advantage is that as the water boils and becomes steam, steam is much better at transferring energy than air is. This is interesting because, in some instances, if you generate enough smoke, you will notice the bark on your protein will set quicker than it would normally.

 It all depends on how much more efficiently steam transfers that energy into your protein. It helps keep the outside of your protein moist. You all know very well the difference between tasty bark and dried-out meat.

1- Maintain the temperature of the offset smoker

Suppose you put the water pan in an offset smoker. In that case, it helps to maintain the temperature level because water takes longer to heat than air. When the temperature rises above 100 degrees Celsius, water evaporates as well. 

As a result of evaporation, water maintains its temperature. Water enhances the humidity level inside the offset smoker. The other point is that water also takes more time to cool than air. So if your smoker loses heat, water will also help maintain the heat inside the offset smoker.

2- Indirect cooking

Put the water pan between the flame and the meat, so it cooks indirectly. It helps to cook the food slowly on low heat.

3- Prevent from flare-ups or hot spots

Food must be cooked well. There are no unwanted florets or hot spots on the meat. So, if you use a water pan in an offset smoker, you can avoid overcooking or undercooking your food. You can keep the sides of the meat the same. Because water evaporates and produces smoke, which flows out of the pan and heats the entire smoker, all the food is cooked well.

4-  Moist and tasty flavor

If you use a water pan, it creates smoke rings on your meat. It raises the humidity level and protects the meat from drying out during cooking, producing juicy meat with great flavor and taste.

5- Smoke rings

If you like smoke rings in meat or barbeque, you must use a water pan in an offset smoker because it helps to create the smoke rings and increases the taste.

Drawback of Using Water Pan in Offset smokers:

The biggest downside to running a water pan is that you must remember to clean it immediately after the cook. If you close down a cooker with a half-full pan with water and grease, you find a brand-new science experiment the next time you open it. Other than that one caveat, you enjoy cooking with a water pan.

Important tips

It will be more beneficial to you if you follow all of these points.

  • Remember that the water in the pan is warm when you add it. Use only hot or warm water, which helps to maintain the temperature.
  • When you add water, make sure not to create a splash. No, fill the water pan directly or harshly.
  • When adding water to the pan, ensure it does not spill over the corners. It is only necessary to fill it halfway or to the highlighted point.
  • Subsequently, check the water level. When you notice a drop in your running speed or a lack of water, add more warm water.


1-Who is properly using the water pan in the smoker?

The most important consideration is where to place the water in the offset smoker. It is entirely dependent on the type of smoker. Different types of smokers are assigned to other positions. So you put your water pan in according to the smoker’s design.

2-Can we use a water pan for smoking fish?

If you like the taste of smoke, you can also cook fish in an offset smoker and get a great taste. A water pan in the offset smoker keeps the food moist and tasty. But if you need to be crispy, avoid the water pan. At high temperatures, food becomes crisp.

3-Why do we use the water pan in the offset smoker?

Several important factors show that a water pan is extremely useful for barbecuing, particularly for those who enjoy the taste of smoke.

4-Can water change the taste of meat?

Off-course water helps to improve the taste. Most people use other liquids such as wine, apple juice, and beer. It gives a better smell, but water increases your taste. It has a fantastic flavor. So be more careful to use only hot water.

5-Why use a water pan in offset smoker?

A water pan is used when you want to barbecue slowly and for an extended time—it also gives the meat a smoked flavor and makes smoked rings. It makes no difference what kind of meat you use; you can cook any meat, but the process takes time.

6- How should I clean my water pan?

To wash the water pan, place it in a plastic bag and scrub it with a scrub brush. It would be best if you also cleaned the rack of the water pan with soap and water.

7- Will my offset smoker’s water pan rack fit?

This is a critical question to ask yourself because it will ensure you get the best steam into your food!

Final Words

The majority of people enjoy barbecuing and smoking. We talked about where to put the water pan in the offset smoker. We get a good taste, smoky rings, and moist food using a water pan. Follow all of these tips and enjoy your food more. I hope so because it will be extremely beneficial to you. Keep in touch if you want more useful information.

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