How To Use Pit Boss Electric Smoker Like A Pro?

How To Use Pit Boss Electric Smoker

Using a Pit Boss Electric Smoker can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with it. But this guide will show you how to use pit boss electric smoker like a pro and get the best results every time! Here’s what you need to know:

Getting Familiar with the Pit Boss Electric Smoker

The first step is getting familiar with your Pit Boss Electric Smoker’s features. It’s essential for becoming a pro at smoking. Take some time to look through the user manual and understand how each part works. Pay attention to temperature settings, timer functions, and smoke release systems. It will help you when you start cooking!

Preparation & Safety Measures

 Before using the electric smoker:

  1. Ensure it’s assembled.
  2. Check for any loose or damaged components.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the right wood chip type and safety guidelines.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing and protective gear while smoking food. 

Selecting the Right Wood Chips

Choosing the right type of pit Boss Electric Smoker wood chips is essential for creating delicious smoked food. Different varieties of wood impart different flavours like hickory, cherry, apple, or mesquite. Each class can add its unique flavour to whatever you are cooking. Be sure to select a variety that pairs well with your smoking food. 

Set Up Your Smoker

Once you assemble your electric smoker, it’s time to set it up. 

  • To begin, choose an appropriate spot for your smoker. Ensure the area is free of flammable items and far away from combustible materials. 
  • Use a level surface to ensure that the smoker is stable while heating.
  • Next, fill the chip tray with your chosen wood chips and place it inside the smoker. 
  • Connect the power source to pre-heat your smoker. 
  • Select your desired cooking temperature. 
  • Connect the power source to pre-heat your smoker. 
  • Select your desired cooking temperature. 
  • Electric smokers need a few extra minutes to heat up. 
  • Keep this in mind while preparing your cooking schedule. 

Cooking with Your Electric Smoker

Once your smoker has reached the desired temperature, it’s time to add your food! Place your food items in the smoking chamber and close the lid. Use a digital meat thermometer for periodic temperature checks. Ensure you cook your food to your desired doneness. When you finish cooking, please turn off the smoker and unplug it from its power source. Allow the smoker to cool down before cleaning or moving it anywhere else.

Preparing the Food for Smoking

Preparing the food for smoking is just as important as cooking it. Season your food with a dry rub or marinade before putting it in the smoker. Doing so will help ensure you get the most significant flavour from your smoked dishes! 

Operating the Pit Boss Electric Smoker

Once you’ve prepped your food, it’s time to start smoking! Adjust the temperature and timer settings on the smoker. Customize them to match the type of food you’re cooking. Check the progress of your food using a digital thermometer, and adjust the smoker controls as needed. Finally, once you perfectly cook your food, could you remove it from the smoker? Enjoy the rich flavours of cooking in a Pit Boss Electric Smoker! 

Smoking Techniques and Tips

Using a Pit Boss Electric Smoker is an art, and there are several techniques that you can use to get the most out of it. Try experimenting with various types of wood chips. Explore how to use pit boss electric smoker at different smoking temperatures to discover what works best for you. Be sure to maintain good ventilation when smoking indoors to avoid any unwanted odours. Finally, always ensure your smoker is in a safe location. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines. 

Maintaining Consistent Temperature and Smoke

You are maintaining a consistent temperature to get the most out of your Pit Boss Electric Smoker. Keeping a steady smoke level is also essential for optimal results. Make sure to check the temperature while cooking. Additionally, watch the wood chips in the smoker’s chamber. Add more as needed to maintain the desired levels of smoke. 

Using Water Pans and Drip Trays

Water pans and drip trays are an essential part of the smoking process. These components help maintain moisture in the cooking chamber. They also collect any fat or oil from the food. To best use these features of your smoker, fill the water pan with liquid and replace it when needed. Also, clean the drip tray after every use to ensure proper performance. 

Adding Flavor with Basting and Mopping

You can add extra flavour to your smoked dishes with basting and mopping. Both techniques involve applying a liquid to the food while cooking. It helps to add moisture and a different taste. You can create your mop or baste mixture using beer, wine, or BBQ sauce. Feel free to use any other liquid of your choice! 

Safety and Cleaning Guidelines

No matter how much experience you have smoking with your Electric Smoker, safety is always paramount. Ensure you follow the guidelines for properly using and maintaining your smoker. Remember to clean any parts of the smoker that come into contact with food after every use. It will help ensure that you get years of delicious smoked dishes. 

Storing Your Electric Smoker

Keeping your electric smoker well stored when not in use is vital. Make sure to give the unit ample time to cool before transporting or storing it. Cover the smoker when not used to protect it from debris and dust. Finally, make sure to clean the unit before storing it. Doing so will help keep your smoker in tip-top shape for years of delicious smoked dishes! 


How do you start a Pit Boss electric smoker?

To start a Pit Boss electric smoker:
1. Choose an appropriate spot for the smoker.
2. Ensure that the smoker is level before proceeding.
3. Place your wood chips in the chip tray, then connect the power source.
4. Select the desired temperature and pre-heat your smoker before adding food to the cooking chamber. 

How do you use a Pit Boss grill smoker?

Using a Pit Boss grill smoker is simple. Begin by pre-heating the grill to your desired cooking temperature. Then, place the food in the smoking chamber and close the lid. Check the progress of your food with a digital thermometer, and adjust the smoker settings as needed. 

How do you get a Pit Boss smoker to smoke?

To get a Pit Boss smoker to smoke, ensure the chip tray is full of wood chips and place it inside the smoker. Connect the power source and select your desired cooking temperature before adding food to the smoking chamber. 


Smoking food with an Electric Smoker is a great way to enjoy delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home. By following the tips and techniques in this guide, you find how to use pit boss electric smoker can easily create mouth-watering meat, fish, and vegetables. Be sure to keep safety and cleaning guidelines in mind to help you get the most out of your smoker. With practice and patience, you’ll be cooking like a pit master in no time! Happy Smoking! 

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