8 Incredibly Delicious Offset Smoker Recipes That You Should Try

8 Incredibly Delicious Offset Smoker Recipes That You Should Try

Are you looking for a sizzling hot and flavor-packed smoker then this article is for you. Whether you are a skilled pit master or a newbie to smoking, we have got you covered. In this blog, we have put together 10 incredibly delicious offset smoker recipes that you should know before stepping into smoking food. Many consider smoking a daunting task especially those who are doing it for the very first time. But there is nothing more exciting than grilling meat in your backyard. For meat lovers, smoking and grilling is no less than an adventure especially when it comes to the smoked briskets and ribs.

There is a wide range of smokers such as electric smokers, offset smokers, gas smokers, pellet grill, and charcoal smokers that are commonly used for smoking food. The best thing about smoking in a smoker is that you can smoke any kind of meat be it beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or side dishes. In addition to this, you can also use a smoker to smoke veggies and even fruits. The smoke imparts a rich flavor to the meat, making it charred on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside.  When it comes to smoking, there are countless options to enjoy the whole year. Without further ado, let’s jump in straight to learn more about these delicious offset smoker recipes.

List of Best Offset Smoker Recipes That You Must Try

1.      Smoked Beef Ribs

2.      Smoked Beef Brisket

3.      Smoked Prime Ribs

4.      Bacon Explosion

5.      Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder

6.      Smoked Pork Belly

7.      Smoked Whole Turkey

8.      Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked Beef Recipes

Smoked Beef Ribs

When it comes to Brazilian barbecues, one item we always look forward to is juicy and tender smoked beef ribs. These grilled beef ribs are so delicious and look as breathtaking as they taste. It is a super quick and easy recipe that takes only a few ingredients and a smoker to make your summer delightful.

While going through a rib cart, we always look for beef ribs so that we can grill them in our backyard. For smoked beef ribs, it is best to prefer short ribs because they have a lot of meat and fat on them. When you cook the beef ribs on a slow flame, all the fat and collagen combine with the meat and make it more juicy and flavorful. Moreover, you can use Sriracha sauce or a coffee rub to amplify its flavor and aroma. When you combine Beef ribs with coffee while smoking, it not only enhances its flavor but also makes it tender.

Smoked Beef Brisket

Have you ever had a smoked beef brisket? If not then try out this recipe. Because smoked beef briskets are something that you should try at least once in your life especially if you are a meat lover. Smoked beef briskets are so incredibly delicious and juicy that if you have them once, you will wish to have them again and again.  Surprisingly, you need only two ingredients to make this smoked and savory beef brisket; that is salt and pepper. 

The secret behind this flavor-packed and mouth-watering recipe doesn’t lie in the ingredients but in how you cook it. All you need to do is to just memorize the recipe in the correct order such as season, smoke, wrap it up, give time, and then slice. When you smoke beef briskets on a low flame, it becomes juicy and tender. Because slow heat allows all the spices to perfectly integrate with the meat and gives you a succulent beef brisket.

Smoked Prime Rib

Smoked prime rib is one of the most expensive cuts of meat that you can buy from a meat shop. Besides this, it is also sumptuous so it’s often limited to only special occasions.  Smoked prime ribs are considered a crowning glory for every get-together. These are so tender, and juicy especially when coated with herb butter and garlic which enhances its flavor. From novices to experienced pit masters, everyone can cook smoked prime ribs because it’s super easy. All you need is a few ingredients such as seasoning, herbs, garlic, fat, and rib eye. The best method to cook smoked prime rib is on a low flame for incredible flavor then flash roast it for a rich crust on the exterior. Once you cook your prime rib in a smoker by this method, then you won’t go for any other cooking method. But if you don’t own an offset smoker then this recipe is not for you.

Smoked Pork Recipes

Bacon Explosion

When it comes to smoker recipes, bacon is on top of the list. We all love to have bacon especially when it is wrapped around an Italian sausage. With bacon, the sky’s the limit; you can customize your filling and add cheese, jalapenos, or sausages into it. Moreover, you can slather it with herbs and spices. This offset smoker recipe is an ideal choice for a summer get-together, barbecue, or picnic. Moreover, it is easy to prepare and has an amazing flavor. It takes only 2 to 3 hours to smoke bacon with sausages and it is good to go. Bacons are incredibly rich in flavor and juicy in every bite which makes it a perfect choice for meat lovers.

Smoked Pulled Pork

 Smoked pulled pork never goes out of fashion especially when you are planning a family dinner. This incredibly delish smoker recipe is not only easy to prepare but finger-licking good too. You need some simple ingredients such as brown sugar, onions, mustard, garlic, pepper, and smoked paprika to prepare your secretive barbecue rub. Then you need to slather that rub onto your pork shoulder and let the offset smoker do the rest. This recipe is the classic method to prepare an amazingly delicious and flavor-packed smoked pulled pork. If you have a huge crowd to serve at dinner then this is your ultimate recipe.

Smoked Pork Belly

Have you ever had a crispy and tender pork belly? Smoked pork belly is super soft, chunky, and flavorful.  Besides this, pork belly is not so expensive and you can buy it easily from a nearby meat shop. If you are planning a barbecue party in your backyard then this smoked pork belly is the recipe for you. Firstly, you will make a dry rub by combining kosher salt, chili powder, brown sugar, black pepper, and smoked paprika. After this, slather this rub on the pork belly and refrigerate it for at least 12 hours before smoking it. Pork belly is usually cooked on a low flame for at least 5 to 6 hours to enhance its flavor and make it even more tender. Seasoning you apply over the pork belly gives it a sweet and savory taste which is crispy outside but juicy inside.

Smoked Chicken Recipes

Smoked Whole Turkey

Have you ever thought about how to smoke the whole turkey? If you are looking for an amazing turkey recipe for Thanksgiving then we have got you covered. If you own an offset smoker then you can try out this amazing turkey recipe. Many people find it daunting but trust me it’s super easy and doesn’t take much time and effort. All you need to do is to stuff the turkey with fruits and herbs then coat it with the dry rub. You can prepare the dry rub with simple ingredients such as seasoned salt and minced garlic. When you apply the dry rub evenly all over the turkey, it locks the moisture inside. Moreover, the dry rub makes your turkey more juicy, flavorful, and tender. Lastly, smoke the turkey on a low and slow flame at 165°F so that all the spices can perfectly infuse in it and give a wholesome flavor. If Christmas is around the corner and you are looking to try out some delicious recipe then smoked whole turkey is for you.

Smoked Turkey Breast

Last but not least, smoked chicken breast is considered one of the best-smoked turkey recipes so far.  Because smoked turkey breast is not only flavorful and juicy but aesthetically pleasing too. If you are looking for a quick and easy smoked turkey recipe then you can try it out. First of all, prepare brine with the main goal of giving your turkey breast a sweet, savory, and smoky flavor. For the brine preparation, you can add salt, apple cider vinegar, water, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and onion and garlic powder together in a bowl and mix well. The next step is to immerse the turkey breast in the brine and refrigerate it for 10 to 12 hours. After that, rinse the brine from the turkey and dry it with a paper towel and apply the sweet rub all over it. Besides this, you can also use a smoked turkey rub to enhance its aroma and flavor. For a crispy and juicy turkey breast, set the temperature of your smoker at 275°F and let it cook for at least 3 hours on a low flame. Then remove it from the smoker and place it in a foil for five minutes and your smoked turkey breast is ready to serve.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, smoking food is an art and those who are trying to master this art need to go through these offset smoker recipes. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can equally benefit from these recipes.  From smoked beef briskets to smoked pulled pork and tender turkey breast, this guide has everything you need to know.

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